You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Tory A-lister, Iain Dale on climate change and the invitation by David Cameron of former US Vice President, Al Gore:
“On Thursday US Climate Change hypocrite Al Gore will address David Cameron’s Shadow Cabinet. He will no doubt be instructing them all on the art of preaching climate change religion bollocks while at the same time creating a carbon footprint the size of a mammoth’s. I wonder how many of them will find they have a subsequent engagement…

Coming next: Hillary Clinton to advise the Shadow Cabinet on support for the traditional marriage.”

How rude.

10 thoughts on “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

  1. You’re a brave man Tom. I gave up visiting Mr Dale’s blog many months ago. It felt too much like being trapped with a bunch of elderly malcontents at the bar of a suburban golf club!

  2. So Cameron wonders around looking smug and pontificating on climate change as the biggest challenge facing the planet…. and Iain Dale and the Dalettes think it’s all bollocks. Brilliant! Facing both ways at the same time… are they turning into the Lib Dems?

  3. The hysteria over climate change – whipped up by the Left – has nothing to do with ‘global warming’ and everything to do with the Left’s opposition to global capitalism. Twenty years ago we were told that the world’s population would freeze to death. Twenty years later we’re being told that the world’s population will boil to death. Which is it?

  4. I must admit that i’m not convinced about climate change.

    There are plenty of scientists who are arguing against it still. Nevertheless, we keep hearing ‘nobody can doubt climate change.’ Well, yes, they can…

  5. Brian Hughes wrote:

    You’re a brave man Tom. I gave up visiting Mr Dale’s blog many months ago. It felt too much like being trapped with a bunch of elderly malcontents at the bar of a suburban golf club!

    Superb Brian – wish I had thought of putting it like that!

  6. What would really change the climate forever, of course, would be a wholesale use of nuclear weapons. But about this week’s vote on the £76 billion Trident replacement programme (real weapons of mass destruction!) nothing. No comment, no debate with the Party, just a studied silence. With over half the PLP looking set to vote against, where do you stand comrade? Will you obediently follow the call of his masters voice on this one too and troop through the lobbies with the Tories to secure newlab a majority? I think we should be told…

  7. John Edwards – a little off topic but I will gladly answer your question – when you confirm whether you are the John Edwards of Sandwell Council or not. I’ve politely asked three times now. If you want to enter an online debate on a personal blog, then the least you can do is show some attempt at conversation.

    Iain – I don’t get why you are so angry about Al Gore addressing the shadow cabinet. I understand the frustration with all the marketing gimmicks (don’t worry you don’t have to respond to that) but Gore was the Vice President of the USA for heaven’s sake.

  8. The claim is that man is responsible for glogal warming.

    A politicians dream ticket for taxing man into submission.

    Even the Tories (who don’t tax anything) are in on the act.

    Al Gore claims a correlation of global warming and a rise in CO2 and NOx.

    Scientists everywhere dispute the claims of correlation by pointing out an 800 year delay of the correlation.

    Tom, cast your eye over this dispute. Global warming is a Tory driven agenda, that is now dismissed by senior Tories (who paid for the result.)

    They say the ‘debate is now over’. No chance, its only just beginning. Every counter argument to global warming suggests that the industrial revolution and mass production has seen a DECREASE in CO2 levels.

    Are we being conned?


  9. If we are talking about hypocrisy and facing two ways at once, how about putting green taxes on cars whilst planning to build a third runway at Heathrow for planes which pay no tax on fuel?

    You could not make it up..

    As for Global warming being a Tory agenda, I was unaware the Conservative Party has millions of supporters in France, germany, the USA etc. But I’m afraid if that is the depth of thinking then 🙁

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