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He no Windy Miller

He can still grow vegetables in the back garden though. I bet my compost heat generates more energy than his windmill.

The Leader of the MySpace generation turns on the site and buys a (small) dog

In a perfect piece of contrarian behaviour, Peaches Geldof, explains to online Guardian readers how she has no social life because of serial blogging. When Ming Campbell joined Facebook I thought that the decline of the Web 2.0 phenomena was only a matter of time. Quick everyone, time to buy a dog.

Free at last

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry poor Luke’s escape from his past. I don’t know whether to laugh or laugh even louder at his analysis of Charles Clarke.

Cameron dinners

I finally found the report into the use of patron’s clubs using Commons facilities to raise funds for the Tories. It wasn’t jumping off the front page of the Parliament web site that’s for sure.

26 Tory MPs have used facilities improperly for fundraising. I think that Bob Spink MP has agreed to give the money raised for his constituency to charity. I trust the other will be doing the same. Then we can move on an get the “clarification” to the rules that Mr Cameron wants.