Alan Milburn and Charles Clarke

I’m sure Alan and Charles, in the spirit of open debate, would not mind me reproducing the text of their latest email.

Dear Colleague

As we all know the coming months are critical for Labour’s future. After ten years in office we will need to demonstrate that we have the vision and the policies to successfully meet the future challenges faced by our country and the wider world. Like many others in the PLP and the wider Party we believe that requires an open participatory debate.

There are some welcome signs that the debate is beginning to happen within Government, in various think-tanks and in contributions made by a range of colleagues. From our discussions with fellow MPs and Party members, however, we believe there is an enormous appetite for the debate to be taken forward and given more focus. There will, of course, be many different points of view about the future direction we should take as a Party but we believe the critical thing is to develop an open process for ideas and views to be aired. Many colleagues have suggested that such a process would provide the opportunity not just of addressing the Party – important though that is – but of engaging with the wider public.

To that end we have decided to launch a new initiative to promote debate in what we hope and intend will be an open and participative way. We are inviting all Labour MPs to the launch event which will take place at 10.30am on Wednesday 28th February in the Tweed and Ness rooms at the City Inn, 30 John Islip Street, London, SW1P 4DD (map attached)

All Labour colleagues from both the Commons and the Lords are most welcome to attend.


Charles Clarke MP and Alan Milburn MP

7 thoughts on “Alan Milburn and Charles Clarke”

  1. So an open and participative debate that only involves MPs. Very good. I wonder which of Alan Milburn or Charles Clarke fancy their chances for the leadership? I’d say Milburn. Gordon would wipe the floor with him.

  2. Is this Milburn’s last stand? BTW Was not very impressed with Sion Simon’s performance on Newsnight last night defending private equity companies.It was, in the interests of accuracy, pathetic and embarrassing.If that’s the best Brownites can do no wonder they are running scared and trying to wreck the chances of John McDonnell, who passed the Paxo test with flying colours and came across as the far more sensible and intelligent of the two.
    More media coverage -preferably a TV debate with Milburn and Clarke – would boost John’s chances tremendously.No wonder there has been a campaign to keep him out of the spotlight.

  3. These are, in my view, Mr Byers aside, the two people least able to make a meaningful or useful contribution to renewal of the party in government.

    However, they have a right to say what they like… I just hope not to see either of them joining the ‘the left is disloyal’ bancwagon, after some of the things that they have said!

  4. I loved this quote about the gruesome twosome’s “debating website”:

    “a completely selfish, arrogant, self-aggrandising ego trip from two washed-up has-beens who never were. ”

    I couldn’t agree more. It is incredible that two of the biggest embarrassments of NL should posture like this: especially Milburn who twice ran away from cabinet. Poor old Charlie is no worse than Reid and quite a bit better than Blunky I should say.

    Milburn doesn’t want a debate – he just wants little Blair brown-nosers like his dear friend Stephen Byers to agree with him over everything. Poor old Milburn would have a fit of the vapours if he met a real socialist.

  5. According to today’s Observer, Mandy Mandelson is involved with Milburn and Clarke’s little clique. Quite plainly Mandy hasn’t got enough to keep him occupied as EU Commissioner.

    What will happen first? Will Gordon sack him or will Blair give him a knighthood?

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