Personal Internet Security – Microsoft calls for Home Office action

The House of Lords Security and Technology Committee is taking a look at some really meaty subjects right now. From Radioactive Waste Management to Science Teaching in Schools through Personal Internet Security. Microsoft are providing evidence today. Someone dropped a copy of their written evidence into my inbox. It’s quite interesting.

They say that the scale of threat is huge and growing:

“Threats to online safety and security continue to escalate…It includes spam messages of which we block over 3 billion a day [in hotmail],through phishing…to malware, spyware, trojans, viruses and bots.

“…attacks can lead to anything from the release of personal information from a user’s computer or online service, to destruction of all data on a computer, to the launch of denial fo service (DOS) and other malevolent attacks on third parties. Building in software-based counter measures to these threats through tools such as anti-phishing filters and anti-malware protection has been a high priority….”
Under the Section – How well equipped is the Government to combat cyber crime? Is the legislative framework in UK criminal law adequate to meet this growing challenge? Microsoft say:
“one issue that needs addressing is the problem that cyber crime and related fraud are not presently priority indicators for the police as set by the Home Office. With the changes around SOCA , the proposed re-structuring of police forces and the disappearance of the NHTCU it is unclear how cyber crime and reporting mechanisms are being systematically addressed. There is no single reporting mechanism in the UK (as there is in the US), thus, no reasonably supported statistics aside from anecdotal information and surveys”

Wow. Cut through the diplomacy and that’s Microsoft saying that the Home Office

1. Is not interested in cyber crime
2. Has no idea of the scale of the problem

I’ll try and find an electronic version of the submission later today.

2 thoughts on “Personal Internet Security – Microsoft calls for Home Office action”

  1. Where is the bit that says Microsoft are part of the problem by releasing software with more holes in it than a string vest. 🙂

  2. …”In a separate development, arms manufacturers complained bitterly that the Government is not doing enough to combat civil unrest in the Middle East…”

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