Neal Lawson – flatulent oaf

This is a joke right? Surely must be, isn’t it?

Neal Lawson, former lobbyist who sold his company to set up a left-leaning think tank calls on party members to deselect councillors and MPs who disagree with his view of Proportional Representation. He’ll go far that lad.

12 thoughts on “Neal Lawson – flatulent oaf”

  1. I’m trying to think of one single act that has caused my City so much destruction everywhere I look, other than PR.

    I’m told the Germans bombed us in 1940-42.

    But only in certain areas and was quickly repaired.

  2. Make it an issue?

    One of those sites that make me want to scream. If i was a doctor i’d ban myself from visiting it.

    Actually why do you go on sites like this?

  3. I don’t ever go on sites like that unless they appear in the text of very angry emails from people who want me to do something about it. Still, all the MPs who follow Compass are universally appalled by what he says so he hasn’t done his cause much good.

  4. Tom, what is it with you and Neal Lawson? You seem to direct venom at him whenver you can? There is obviously some history there. Neal may be a bit off message and a bit out there, but he has successfully built up the fastest growing left of centre pressure group in the country – that is not to say he is a saint, but you carry on as if the man is the devil on earth, when patently he is not. Please explain.

  5. Rest assured David, I am being restrained when it comes to my feelings towards this man, but now that you ask and in the spirit of honesty, I’ll tell you where my beef began with him. He tried to bully my union with big city lawyers a number of years ago. It was to do with a legitimate disagreement over PR. He just thought that we had no right to involve ourselves in the campaign against PR and at the time, I guess he thought that his company – then branded as being the closest PR firm to New Labour – thought that they were invincible.

    Now, what do you think about him calling on party members to deslect MPs and councillors who disagree with his views on PR?

  6. I think you are all being too kind. My problem with Neal Lawson is that I cannot understand a word he says or writes – he makes me feel like I am learning English for the first time.

    For example, our Neal writes:

    “if your councillor or MP fails to be a champion of democracy and you are a member of their party, ask them nicely lots of times to do the right thing and if they still refuse to budge try and get them deselected…”

    How exactly do you spot a champion of democracy? According to Neal it is someone who shows commitment to democratic reform and the power agenda.

    What does this mean?

  7. I can’t think of anything worse than proportional representation.

    What is the point of voting in such a system? Who wants to vote for a Party, and then find their policies watered down by post election bargaining?

    The Liberal Democrats would likely to be a coaltion partner in nearly every government if PR was introduced – giving them undue power and influence.

    The current system works, and we need to keep it.

  8. Our system is so bad here in Stoke that the person who actually wins is the one nobody actually wanted!

    It is so bad up here, that we want you to have it as well, but the law has been changed which doesn’t allow you to have it!

    It gets worse. Believe me, it gets much worse.

    It’s the only system I know that gets Labour voters rushing to the ballot box to vote anything other than Labour.

    It gets even much worser- believe me!

    It took sven Months of hard graft to gain enough signatures to that enabled this kind of sytematic abrogation of responsibility.
    Once the suicidal ‘freedom fighters’ knifed each other, it took only 32 hours to gaine even more signatures to remove it.

    I want you to have PR so that you can see for yourselves why everywhere I look, crazy people look back at me (in anger).

    Please somebody help us- anybody.


  9. First past the post whilst very disproportionate you alway get a strong government which can be formed quickly and what most people want is a strong government not months of try to form a coalition which collapses causing even more elections!

  10. PR is a poor electoral system as you never end up with a strong government all you get is weak coalitions and smaller groups getting unfair amounts of power

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