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Apple heaven


I met the good people of Apple last night. I couldn’t resist the photo. Sorry, I know it’s a bit geeky.

Catherine O’Flynn

“What was lost” is a debut novel from West Midlands author Catherine O’Flynn. Her book is published by the excellent Tindal Street press. There’s a lovely interview with Catherine on stirrer TV. I’ve not read this book yet, but after watching the interview, I’m taking a punt on it. If there are any literary editors reading this, why not take a punt too?

Neal Lawson – flatulent oaf

This is a joke right? Surely must be, isn’t it?

Neal Lawson, former lobbyist who sold his company to set up a left-leaning think tank calls on party members to deselect councillors and MPs who disagree with his view of Proportional Representation. He’ll go far that lad.

John Hutton – podcaster

John Hutton lays claim to the spirit of Attlee with his podcast announcing the new arrangements contained within the Pensions Bill.

John Hutton Podcast