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New hope for the “out there” generation

A new report by the Attention Company suggests there is hope for the online blogging community when it comes to our career prospects. Stay with me on this one. The “Out There” generation differ from the rest of the world as they are more likely to:

Value fame as an “asset”
Willing to share certain types of sensitive information on the web
Believe it is appropriate to criticise their organisations on the web
Believe that “organisations need to be more transparent to succeed”
Believe “there’s no harm in openly discussing the work I do inside my organisation with others”

Where some managers will see this approach as a sackable offence, the Attention Company suggest that the “Out There” generation help maintain an internal pressure within an organisation that aids success. Here’s the full pdf “Out There” report.

What price privacy?

Clive Soley points to a couple of powerfully written reports from the Information Commissioner(pdf) and comes up with an interesting idea.
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The struggle takes many forms

Dave’s Part top 10 Trotskyist chat up lines. This man should be expelled from the Labour Party for bad taste.

Say sorry Colin Ross

Political Penguin identifies an employee of the Liberal Democrats in Walsall calling Bob Piper a racist.

The author of the blog, Colin Ross, does not display many liberal sentiments with the use of such intemperate language. His allegation is also completely and utterly baseless in fact. Bob Piper has spent his entire life fighting racism. Whatever your view of his cameron minstrel post, to use the word racist is tawdry. He should take down the post.