Food tracing phones?

Many shoppers in Japan can now trace the origin of their food using their mobile phone. The Food Standards Commission, established after their own BSE outbreak in 2001 has been working to tag products using RFID and other technologies. According to one Japanese food industry site:

“Consumers can trace back the vegetables until the day of harvest, when and where they were packed, how they were shipped, etc. Many of the local producers have followed this example and some even go as far as displaying a picture of the farmer to bring a sense of proximity as additional reassurance to the consumer.”

World, the site where I got this story, is sceptical that it will catch on anywhere else, particularly the States. I’m not so sure. I think if people could trace the origin of their food in the UK, it would definitely take-off. There is another issue that I am currently investigating that entails the exploitation of migrant workers by unscupulous industrial scale farming interests. I would definitely not be buying my vegetables from exploitative agricultural companies. What do you think? Would it work in the UK?

John Spellar

Prescott job must be axed’ (Mirror p4) – Spellar: ‘Why do we want to spend the best part of £2m on a non-job that has no real role. Let’s call the whole thing off. Not only are there costs to consider, but we face increasing problems inside the Cabinet where so many members will be trying to differentiate themselves from colleagues rather than working together under collective responsibility. We face a costly exercise & divisions among Cabinet ministers for the next 9 mnths. We don’t need a deputy leader in government’

I rarely disagree with John Spellar. I also thinks that he speaks for a large number of MPs when he says that the Deputy PM/Leader post should be abolished. This blog is a little bit broken and can’t accept comments at the moment but why not email your thoughts to me at watsont, then add

Private Members Bills

Today is the ballot for Private Members Bills. Any backbencher can promote their own piece of legislation. If you come top of the draw, you get bombarded by charities and pressure groups asking you to introduce their particular Bill. Which begs the question, if I win the ballot, what piece of legislation should I promote?

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