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Cumbrians and the NIREX decision

Well the anti-nuclear lobby in Cumbria think that decision is “plain stupid and probably unworkable”.

Mike Hobday

Most MPs and House of Commons researchers will know Mike Hobday as the nice man from the League Against Cruel Sports. He’s now also the prospective parliamentary candidate for Welwyn Hatfield and has a new blog. Well done Mike.

New Amnesty campaign

Irrepressible. I’m supporting it by writing to Eric Shmidt the Chief Executive of Google to ask him to put pressure on the Chinese government to stop blocking searches for words like “freedom” and “democracy”.

Tory MEPs vote for the Euro

It appears that the majority (22 out of 27) Conservative MEPs have voted to support entry into the Euro. Does anyone know what the official Conservative Party response is to this? (thanks to musings of an owl for pointing it out).