Now I found it difficult to blog and be a junior minister. Not because of the political constraints, although there were some of course. No, I just ran out of time in the day. So it is difficult to understand how David Cameron will be able to keep up being leader of the Conservative Party and maintain his video blog and be able to film and edit himself on the self-publishing site You Tube.

One other thing – if the wife and kids were around the breakfast table and he was doing the dishes, who else was in the kitchen holding the camera?

Seriously, I’d be interested to know what people think about this stuff. Is it a new way of communicating or just clever marketing and spin?

9 thoughts on “Webcameron”

  1. He is posh isn’t he! I expect that he is employing a full-time blogger who will organise the whole thing. Money well spent? Possibly, it has huge potential for providing almighty cock-up footage (I hope).

  2. I suppose he wants to appear young and hip and will no doubt get good write ups in the weekend supplements.

    I wonder how many genuine swing voters actually bother with political blogs etc.

    All the effort made the Democrats in 2004 was for nothing as they were just blogging to themselves.

    Better to spend the time in the usual place – the doorstep!

  3. If it was a new way of communicating, there’d be new content, surely? I don’t think there’ll be much of that.

    I remain a big sceptic about 18 Doughty St and this service – people can’t watch them at work.

  4. Is it a new way of communicating or just clever marketing and spin?

    I reckon both. You can communicate directly, he can cut out the middle man, be accessible, if people become interested they can go back through his archives, but, more importantly, he gets good coverage and incoming links for a web presence and pagerank.

    In much the same way that you benefit Tom, only as leader he’s only responsible to himself for making sure he gets stuff done, and part of his remit is self publicity, you had a real job to do.

    The real test is wwhether he keeps it up, and how well, once he’s in office. Or, alternately, whether the next Labour leader competes effectively.

    It could do with a transcript though, downloading to watch it is annoyingly jerky, text blogs have a big advantage on that score.

  5. Heard about the blog last night reading the Guardian online. Clicked on the link, lots of lovely error messages in the script and no Mr Cameron. Me thinks he needs a better web design company.

    Equally, checked it again today and the site, from a techinical perspective is a mess. I’m no expert web designer but I could do a darn sight better than that. It is, like Mr Cameron, overdone on style with bugger all behind it. (ie. no techinical structure/substance)

    Oh, and why pink?

    BTW, like the new site Tom, nicely well jigged, but still no orange button for RSS feeds.

  6. Am I the only one who suspects the lip of him throwing food out and saying “this should be recycled….cut this bit, haha” was written into the script? Or that the original version of said script read “There are too many politicians in Parliament, so perhaps we should try cutting the size down by getting rid of all the Labour MPs”?

    Still, I find it eerily amusing how much attention he has paid to Blair’s speech intonation……..

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