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I’m trying to do some background reading on government plans for digital switchover. Does anyone know a source of good material ie slightly better than the official sites? In particular, I want to look at the cost of switch over – financial and environmental both to the inidividual and the government.

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  1. Not sure of sources but you might try asking Jamie Reed (Copeland) or Tony Cunningham (Workington) as their constituencies are going to be the first to be switched and I’m sure they’ve already had experience of costs to invididuals (most of my extended family is in West Cumbria).

  2. Authoritative, ‘non-official’ information does seem to be fairly scarce. It maybe worthwhile talking to Voice of the Listener and Viewer ( — if they haven’t done their own research, they may know of others who have.

    Given that the DCMS is giving some of the responsibility for publicising digital switchover over to the BBC, to be paid for out of the licence fee, maybe that ought to be factored into any cost calculations? (My hunch is that one reason for going that route is that it reduces the amount coming directly from the Exchequer…)

    A quick search shows that the BBC have already responded to at least one FOI request on the subject, as shown by this PDF; unfortunately some cost implications seem to be deemed “outside the scope” of FOI requests.

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