Is it me or is the rest of the nation getting plagued with unsolicited text advertising from Vodafone? They keep sending adverts to my phone. I never asked for them and I can’t stop them. Its only a little irritation but why should they be allowed to get away with it just because they provide my phone service?

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  1. You might have ticked the wrong box to opt in/out as we have a Vodafone contract and don’t get many (if any) ads. But you’re right they are extremely annoying – I’m one of those people that don’t mind direct mail but I can’t stand phone calls/texts. Always makes me feel guilty when I’m doing telephone voter ID!

  2. As an ex sapper ’42-47 I am disgusted at you leaving MOD not over the incommpetance of the organisation, but over an internal Labour Party spat.

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