Political future vs political past

Steve Byers is being a very busy policy bee lately isn’t he? In the media, if not in the House of Commons. Interestingly though, his recent pronouncements on inheritance tax have been soundly condemned by many colleagues, some in public, many more in private. I’m not sure if that’s because of the issue or because people worry that Stephen is more concerned with picking internal fights than mapping out our policy future.

Assuming that Gordon Brown is the choice of the Labour Party to replace Tony Blair, then I think he will have a team of people who are overflowing with ideas for the future. Ed Balls, Jacqui Smith, David Miliband, Pat McFadden, James Purnell, Andy Burnham, Liam Byrne, Yvette Cooper, Douglas Alexander, Caroline Flint and others – these are all ministers under 45. All of them are cooking on gas with policy ideas.

He’s worrying too much. Chill out Steve.


Is it me or is the rest of the nation getting plagued with unsolicited text advertising from Vodafone? They keep sending adverts to my phone. I never asked for them and I can’t stop them. Its only a little irritation but why should they be allowed to get away with it just because they provide my phone service?