Tommy ‘ll Fix It

Last week, I had to answer the last debate in the House before the summer break. My good friend Kevan Jones secured a debate on the Bevin Boys. The Bevin Boys were a remarkable group. One colleague raised an issue that Eric Morecombe and Jimmy Saville were both Bevin Boys. I couldn’t resist saying that I would like to fix a Bevin Boys tribute for Jim. And guess what? Radio Wales have just called. They want to interview the two of us at 5.15 tonight. Cool or what. I wrote to him a couple of times. Firstly, to ask him if I could meet Abba (don’t go there). The second letter was to ask if I could go to the North Pole. Why on earth did I do that? No BBC executive was going to fly a kid to the North Pole. Which got me thinking. If I could ask the fella to fix something now, what would it be? What would you ask for?

2 thoughts on “Tommy ‘ll Fix It”

  1. Dear Jim,

    Please can you fix it for me to live in a world without any middle east crisis, no third world debt, no bullying from the US and a decent Prime Minister?

    Failing that I’ll settle for my own weight in Dairy Milk.

    Lots of love
    aged 25 and a half.

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