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West Bromwich has an unexpected spin-off to the smoking ban. Tansun, a highly respected company in my constituency are world beaters at producing electric patio heaters. Good on them. They’ve also developed the most ingenious electric barbeques. Coming to a gas-free city balcony near you. Mark my words, they’re the future.

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  1. Is it just me, or – with all the talk of environmental disaster just around the corner – is the concept of heating up the great outdoors (or a pub patio at least) not quite the direction we should be heading in?

    We’re already desperately inefficient when it comes to energy use, so the current fad for inventing devices that allow us to sit outside in the cold without the deep annoyance of – say – wearing a jumper seems a little ludicrous.

    Perhaps, Tom, instead of singing the praises of a local company that makes these things, you should be looking to support more appropriate endeavours in your consituency. I don’t know West Bromwich East very well, but I’m sure there must be a company there that makes jumpers or – for a really high-tech solution – coats. Then all bases will be covered: smokers can sit outside pubs and still be nice a cosy, while thousands of pubs around the country don’t have to pump needless tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. And pubs are supposed to be happy places, aren’t they?

  2. You may not be aware, but patio heaters are very far indeed from being a Good Thing. Perhaps you’ve heard that the climate is changing? Pouring ludicrous quantities of heat energy directly into heating the atmosphere itself is absolutely not the sort of thing that you should be encouraging.
    “It is hard to imagine a device that inflicts more gratuitous damage on the environment,” said Friends of the Earth director Tony Juniper last year after Elliot Morley, the environment minister, branded patio heaters a “real luxury”, adding that “at a time when we’re struggling to combat climate change there has to be a question as to whether we really need things that heat up the outdoors”.,,1589372,00.html

  3. Tom,

    Patio heaters are not a great thing, even if they are made in the wonderful West Brom. I got an impressive grade D in my O-level general science but even I know that a) heat rises, therefore lots of energy wasted trying to keep warm in chilly garden and b) wasting energy like this not good for the planet.

    I realise you’ll take a dim view of Green Dave — with his shoe-carrying Merc, but if you wanna stay warm in your garden — live in Tuscany not Tipton or else wear a jumper.

    PS. V good blog

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