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Patio heaters

West Bromwich has an unexpected spin-off to the smoking ban. Tansun, a highly respected company in my constituency are world beaters at producing electric patio heaters. Good on them. They’ve also developed the most ingenious electric barbeques. Coming to a gas-free city balcony near you. Mark my words, they’re the future.

Tommy ‘ll Fix It

Last week, I had to answer the last debate in the House before the summer break. My good friend Kevan Jones secured a debate on the Bevin Boys. The Bevin Boys were a remarkable group. One colleague raised an issue that Eric Morecombe and Jimmy Saville were both Bevin Boys. I couldn’t resist saying that I would like to fix a Bevin Boys tribute for Jim. And guess what? Radio Wales have just called. They want to interview the two of us at 5.15 tonight. Cool or what. I wrote to him a couple of times. Firstly, to ask him if I could meet Abba (don’t go there). The second letter was to ask if I could go to the North Pole. Why on earth did I do that? No BBC executive was going to fly a kid to the North Pole. Which got me thinking. If I could ask the fella to fix something now, what would it be? What would you ask for?

Adrian Goldberg – Football Radical

Former BBC radio presenter Adrian Goldberg has an ingenious way of paying the bills for his newly found independence. To cover the costs of his new film he is auctioning the premiere on ebay. Manchester Disunited takes a fans view of the billionaires who are parking their tanks on the great grounds of the UK. Good luck to the man.


I’ve got this plan to scan a load of old family photos. Can anyone recommend a half decent scanner that can handle 1960’s style kodak colour as well as a few older black and white photographs?