Remembering Hitler

A lot of stories about Hitler over the weekend. The Guardian retells the story of the discovery of Buchenwald on this day in 1945.

Some 60,000 to 75,000 opponents of Hitlerism have perished at Buchenwald. Here, over these acres of suffering and misery enclosed by electrically charged fencing, is the stark gruesome reality of Fascism, with cells, a crematorium – in the ovens of which still lay charred skeletons and piles of ashes – a gallows, an experimental laboratory and a cellar store in which normally 500 bodies awaited transfer to the busy crematorium.

Hangings were carried out in a cellar from which an electric lift carried the bodies to the incinerators above.

A stark reminder to those considering supporting Fascist parties.

3 thoughts on “Remembering Hitler”

  1. Not that I would vote for a facist party or compare the current administration with the Nazi party but this jumps out at me;

    “Because of the Nazis’ failure to obtain a majority on their own, Hitler’s government confronted the newly elected Reichstag with the Enabling Act that would have vested the cabinet with legislative powers…”

    hmmmm..Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill anyone?

  2. Tom,

    Well said. I visited Auschwitz last week, it is incomprehensible what occurred and it must never be forgotten.

    Ian Geary.

  3. If we are remembering … may I recommend a new book by Heather Pringle, “The Master Plan: Himmler’s Scholars and the Holocaust” (Fourth Estate, 2006). I read it over the Easter break and it gives an account of the Ahnenerbe, Himmler’s “scientific” and “cultural” research institute: one moment you are creased up with laughter at the mad theories of these nutcases and then it gets very dark indeed. The story of how these people degenerated into murdering people to order for their skeletons because of a shortage of examples for their “scientific experiments” – and of the medical experimentation at Dachau soon stops the chuckles.

    One wry smile – the naive Mrs. SS-Dr. Werner Best observed to Mr. Himmler that the Nazi Party would lose its entire leadership, not excluding Der Fuhrer, if the principles of racial selection were strictly applied. Apparently, Himmler replied that, though he did not look Nordic, he certainly possessed a Nordic brain. You can imagine her husband cringing at the woman’s logic. Nasty, nasty people.

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