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And another thing…

Whilst I’m online, I’d forgotten to given a plug to Sandwell’s newest web site. Bob Tidmarsh and his colleagues at the University of the Third Age have gone live with their new website.


If you were going through a periodic mood swing and wanted to completely redesign this blog, what do you think I should do?

I know the static pages are hopelessly out of date. The blogroll is in desperate need of a spring clean and the categories are bordering on the meaningless. I’ve always like the simple layout of the blog but I just fancy a change.

Wolverhampton Young Labour – Hope not Hate

Navjit Rana contacts me. He’s the Chair of Wolves Young Labour. I like the cut of his cloth but his email also gives me the opportunity to promote the Hope not Hate tour by Billy Bragg next Sunday. Here’s the upcoming.org link too.

PS I love the idea that Wolves Young Labour has an agricultural officer (see their exec list).

My Britain

I know I’m posting a lot of google stuff lately. This is mainly because they are one of the most mesmeric, intriguing companies that exist but also because a very good friend of mine is going to work for them. Anyway, this intests me – Doodle for Google – a design comp. for kids. It’s be great if some of the schools in Sandwell could enter this.