Flipping ‘eck

Forgot to say that the site is moving to the new server today. There might be a few problems with the comments section until the move is complete. Apologies, yet again.


#1 Adrian McMenamin on 04.18.06 at 2:18 pm

How about fixing the DNS though, Tom? More often than not I simply cannot connect to your site and I suspect that’s because you’ve got a dodgy DNS server

#2 Adrian McMenamin on 04.19.06 at 7:47 pm

Maybe it’s working now, as I have no problem?

#3 Tom McEwen on 04.20.06 at 9:25 pm

Try using his IP address for a while (currently If you still have problems it’s not DNS. http://www.visualroute.com from the US seems to find it ok.

#4 Tom McEwen on 04.20.06 at 9:29 pm

Yea, my recent comments have disappeared. I’ll assume I missed the transfer window and not that you didn’t like them :0)…

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