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Celebrate St George

Happy St George’s day. Below is legendary Irishman Finbarr O’Shaughnessy getting into the spirit of the day.


Remembering Hitler

A lot of stories about Hitler over the weekend. The Guardian retells the story of the discovery of Buchenwald on this day in 1945.

Some 60,000 to 75,000 opponents of Hitlerism have perished at Buchenwald. Here, over these acres of suffering and misery enclosed by electrically charged fencing, is the stark gruesome reality of Fascism, with cells, a crematorium – in the ovens of which still lay charred skeletons and piles of ashes – a gallows, an experimental laboratory and a cellar store in which normally 500 bodies awaited transfer to the busy crematorium.

Hangings were carried out in a cellar from which an electric lift carried the bodies to the incinerators above.

A stark reminder to those considering supporting Fascist parties.

Tom Watson for Mayor

I’m sure the Foreign Office will forgive me for attempting to influence the outcome of a US election again. This time, I wish my namesake, Democrat Tom Watson all the best in his primary election for Mayor of New Orleans. That’s two democrat Toms in the US now.

Flipping ‘eck

Forgot to say that the site is moving to the new server today. There might be a few problems with the comments section until the move is complete. Apologies, yet again.