Joy of my life

Twice each day, Malachy sits at the computer with me to pick the nursery rhymes he wants to shake his plastic bottle full of broad beans to. He bashes away at the keyboard. He picks up the mouse and tries to eat it. He pulls at all the wires. He tries to poke at the animated pictures on the lcd screen. Now he’s got toast stuck under the space bar of the keyboard. The boy is a genius.

4 thoughts on “Joy of my life”

  1. You wait ’til the little blighter won’t let you near the PC because he’s busy on the CBeebies website. I swear the Balamory theme tune was developed as an audio torture.

  2. You should introduce him to John Prescott. Judging by his performance on the Beeb’s Sunday AM programme this morning, our Deputy Leader could do with a lesson or two in getting stuck in.

  3. He is a genius and I can say that because I’m his grandmother, on holiday, and missing him.

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