Joy of my life

Twice each day, Malachy sits at the computer with me to pick the nursery rhymes he wants to shake his plastic bottle full of broad beans to. He bashes away at the keyboard. He picks up the mouse and tries to eat it. He pulls at all the wires. He tries to poke at the animated pictures on the lcd screen. Now he’s got toast stuck under the space bar of the keyboard. The boy is a genius.

Free vote

Next week Parliament will get to vote on the Animal Welfare Bill. There is a free vote on whether to ban tail docking. To be honest, I haven’t read around this subject yet (I will do on my train journey down to Westminster) but I’m up to be persuaded either way. On the one hand, I think I’ve voted to ban enough things and activities this year. On the other, chopping of a dogs tail does seem a brutal act. What are your views?

Long time no speak

Somebody said to me the other day that this blog was no longer of any interest as it was rarely updated. The reason for this, they said, was that I had been muzzled by my role as a government whip. You’ve never had a nine month old baby boy I thought to myself.

They went on to ask why I hadn’t bothered to lead with podcasting and suggested I was behind the times. Hmmm. I don’t know about you but I think the jury is out on podcasts. I have a couple of worries. Firstly, they’re one way traffic. If you think this blog is dull, you should hear my speeches. Secondly, you can produce podcasts very simply but I’m not sure if you can produce lively, entertaining and varied podcasts without giving up a lot of time for research and having to upskill on the technical stuff.

What I like about the blog format is that they give people the opportunity to hurl their ideas back at you.

To be effective, podcasts will have to be integrated with words, pictures and a comments section. To date, I don’t know if there are blogs with aural comments sections but that would liven the world up. I must dash to register the domain “speakers corner” before somebody invents the software.

I’d be intereted to read your thoughts on podcasts.