They call him Flipper

flipflop.jpg You pick up a lot of “traffic” in the library – a whispered conversation here, the odd remark there. Two Conservatives have spent the last 10 minutes talking about how they were “massacred” at Prime Minister’s Questions today. The tea room is buzzing that the PM has found the measure of Mr Cameron.

What makes it so pleasing to my side is that David Cameron brought it upon himself by being a bit too clever by half. He raised the issue of policy “flip-flopping” you see, something his own side feel deeply uneasy about after recent pronouncements. Tony Blair hammered home the advantage from the front bench.

This is the first time for Labour that Mr Cameron has a little more definition at the end of the day than he had at the beginning.

Anyway, if anyone fancies winning a copy of the hardback guide to Parliament, I’m offering it for the best David Camreron photoshopped Flip-Flop. Go on, cheer me up and send me something.

Also, do you know where I might be able to get hold of a giant pair of flip-flops by the weekend?