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  1. Tom there has been nothing on your blog about the Sue Axon case but I’m going to raise it with you anyway.

    How, precisely, can you defend your government’s ‘Respect’ agenda, which stresses parental responsibility for adolescent malfeasance on the one hand – while your government denies parents knowledge of their children’s – that word is instructive – abortions on the other?

    Is it New Labour’s policy that parents have responsibility for their children or is it not?

    I’ll put the question to you again slightly differently. A few months ago, when the latest failure of the teenage pregnancy strategy was revealed, *your* Prime Mininster, Tony Blair said that schools could not do everything, parents had to be responsible for their own children.

    But *your* Health Minister insists that parents are not to be informed if their children have abortions.

    Are parents responsible for their children or are they not?

    I’d welcome an answer to this conundrum.

  2. Maria,

    As far as I am aware having an abortion is not an example of ‘adolescent malfeasance’. Indeed, it could be argued that, if someone under the age of 16 has become pregnant the parent’s interest in their ward is a little belated.

    Surely in this context a parent’s responsibility lies in trying to persuade children not to have sex in the first place – generation after generation seem to have failed in this.

    If children choose to ignore the advice of parents and others then perhaps it is not unreasonable for us to expect them to deal with the situation themselves and in confidence.

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