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Julia Goldsworthy MP

Just to show that I’m even handed, I want to thank Liberal Democrat MP, Julia Goldsworthy. She has helped on a case for me and has been a star.

If ever you need a Cornish hedge Julia – Will Tremayne, Cornish Hedger, craftsman of the ancient technique of dry stone walling will give you a good price.

Come back Charlie

I’ve just looked at the YouGov poll. Labour:40% Conservative:39% Lib Dem:13%.

I typed these figures into the prediction model at electoral calculus and it gave the Lib Dems two seats. Alas, one of them was not Birmingham Yardley.

You reap what you sow.

Radio 4 theme tune

An email from a respected Conservative colleague brings to the attention of the nation a website dedicated to saving the Radio 4 theme tune. When it comes to Radio 4, I’m as reactionary as the rest of the nation. I like the shipping forecast, complained when they tried to ditch “sailing by” and felt robbed when they tried to kill off the afternoon play. The morning medley though? It’s awful. Just awful. It’s too much for 5.30 in the morning. Why don’t they play something different each day? The Today programme could orgnaise a ballot for the playlist.


I am reliably informed that our friends in the USA often ask each other the question about when their first coca-cola moment was. Google is not a brand powerful enough to warrant a “where were you the first time you googled?” question but it is not far off it.

I use google because it finds the websites I am actually looking for most of the time. It always seems to do it quicker and more efficiently than any other search engine I have used.

I can’t help thinking that our love affair with Google will soon be on the wain though. I don’t know why it is that I feel let down by them for allowing the Chinese to censor their search results but I do. It’s not even amusing that Guinness appears to be censored by google.cn. I just wanted them to be a bit different. They’ve let the secret geek in me down.