Websites of the year

Ok, I’m a bit slow at finding some of these websites but some of them are just exceptional.

1. LastFM – The best find of 2005. Linked to iTunes this compiles your personal listening charts, finds your nearest musical neighbours and recommends further listening. If these guys hooked up with iTunes, they’d be the Friends Re-united of the music world. It is just exceptional.

2. Flickr – Like I said, I’m pretty slow to find this site but since the boy was born, it has been an invaluable way of sharing photos with family members and friends.

3. PostSecret – There have been occassions this year where I have nearly, just nearly, stuck up my own cry for help on this mainly funny, occassionally dark site.

1 thought on “Websites of the year”

  1. You are slow aren’t you -you really need to watch click on line. Never mind you’ve discovered them now and that’s the impotant thing!

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