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2005 will be known as the year as the iPod. The great thing about iTunes is that you can arrange your music into smart playlists. It takes away the Nick Hornby style love of your record collection but it doesn’t half help with family parties. Anyway, here’s my list of fave music from this year:

Forget Myself – Elbow
Their album, Leaders of the Free World, is my record of the year.
Aint no easy way – Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club
Barnowl – Caribou
Fix you – Coldplay
Good people – Jack Johnson
Blue Orchid – The White Stripes
American Idiot- Green Day

3 thoughts on “Songs of the year”

  1. I’m sorry to say tihs but………………..

    I’m 21 and out of touch with the moosic of today. Obviously, I know of all the artists you listed, but half the songs seemed to have totally passed me by. I blame it on being a poor student in oxford with no tv and dial up internet. But maybe I should start checking for grey hairs?

    I would check for those grey hairs, only you missed out Road To Zion off the Damian Marley album, Welcome To Jamrock. And the totally crunk (in a crunk-lite sorta way) remix of Kanye West’s College Dropout with the Beach Boys Pet Sounds – Westsounds.

    I still feel old though.

  2. Not as old as I do.

    What does ‘crunk’ mean then?

    Green day and White Stripes are certainly amongst my faves of the year.

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