Right trap?

Bobby, the ever-effervescent student in my office has disturbed the Watson family Christmas to bitterly complain about Bob Geldof selling out. Am I the only person in the Labour Party who doesn’t agree with this view? Here’s my thinking:

1. Bob Geldof is not a man to be messed with. If David Cameron fails to deliver on the poverty agenda, then he will say so.
2. The challenge to the Tories is to match the rhetoric to policy.
3. I just don’t think they have the will to do this.

Jumping into bed with Zac Goldsmith looks counter-intuitive and clever now but will it be when they fail to deliver on climate change? Either Mr Goldsmith has cut a political deal to meet the family ambition of entering parliament or else he’s going to be a very disappointed millionaire ecologist.

As for the mighty Bob, there is a great piece in the times about pop stars and the right. I had to make a strong cup of coffee to recover from reading it. Can it be true that the legendary Johnny Ramone is a flippin’ Repbulican? It was bad enough when I found out Billy Bragg wanted an elected House of Lords using a warped form of PR.


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