My beacon

100 years ago tonight,George Pearce, my grandad, was born in Sheffield. We named our boy Malachy George in his honour. I’ve sat comforting Malachy whilst the nation celebrates the events that took place 300 years before the birth of his great-grandad George.

I only hope that the man who was born on the 300th anniversary of the gunpowder plot would have been proud of his MP grandson.

5 thoughts on “My beacon”

  1. Well, I suppose if he would have fancied the idea of his grandson voting for an illegal invasion and slaughter in Iraq, top-up fees for students, locking people up without charge for three months and anything else that Blair puts in front of you, then yes he would have been proud of you.

  2. So the sycophants and brown-nosers comments are gushingly welcome while any critical remarks are quietly binned. And the value of this process is what exactly..

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