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What on earth has gone on in Birmingham? The eruption of violence last night is shocking. I’ve talked to my colleague Khalid Mahmood MP who has spent the day talking to police, councillors, community and faith groups to calm the situation down. I hope they are all successful.

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  1. Khalid may wish to ask the local constabulary to look into the possible involvement and activities of a London-based group called ‘Ligali’ which has been making very inflamatory noises over the last few days.

    Not suggesting they’re directly responsible for the violence itself but they do appear to have been stoking up the tensions and pushing the ‘race’ line very heavily, so their involvment certainly hasn’t helped the situation.

  2. Tom,
    You almost certainly already know this, but I’d suggest getting in touch with ted cantle who did the reports on oldham, burnley, etc., a few years ago and worked with Raja Miah on the PeaceMaker project to overcome racial tension there. Other than that, I just hope that people finally recognise that race issues aren’t necessarily black-white but divide ethnic minorities much more than many realise. Hopefully something good can come out of this.

    I actually dont know what to make of what has happened – its totally atrocious, but somewhat inevitable given the lack of attention it has been given. I just hope that whoever has broken any laws gets prosecuted and much is done to settle the situation, because it could easily become very much more major than it already has.

  3. The newspaper ‘BlackBritain’ suggests the causes were economic:

    “[Councillor Aziz] said the situation is possibly stemming from the fierce competition between African-Caribbean and Asian hair and cosmetic shops in the area. [] Asian owners [are] tempting more buyers with their cheaper prices, there is an impression amongst the community that Black shop owners deliberately conjured up the rape claim to put the public off buying from the Asian-run shops.”

    Where’s the BNP when you need someone to blame!?!

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