Egg cup elite

I don’t mind the BBC making a bob or two by selling stuff on their shows. I don’t even mind the beloved Today programme selling £12.50 egg cups shaped in the characture of some of their presenters. What I can’t accept is that they’ve left out Carolyn Quinn. She presents the Today programme; why can’t they make her an egg cup?


#1 Mike Wood on 10.24.05 at 9:15 am

Tony Butler always gave his egg-cups away

#2 lahuev on 11.07.05 at 10:17 pm

thanks for making us discover those egg cups! (the egg cups-only blog)

#3 RMG on 11.17.05 at 3:13 pm

But what exactly is a “characture”?

#4 me on 11.28.05 at 3:54 pm

The money went to Children in need, not the BBC, I believe. Your objection is valid, though 🙂

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