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In prasie of non-politics

Today has been a politics free day and it feels great. I’ve avoided the papers and the calls.

I took Mrs Watson to see the baggies humiliated at football. The boy was looked after by his grandma. This is a big deal in our house – he’s only ever been left witout one of us for an hour and 45 before.

Now, itunes is on shuffle mode and I’m reading a book of Pablo Neruda poems that Mrs W. has dug out of a box. If only the rest of the week could be like this.

Egg cup elite

I don’t mind the BBC making a bob or two by selling stuff on their shows. I don’t even mind the beloved Today programme selling £12.50 egg cups shaped in the characture of some of their presenters. What I can’t accept is that they’ve left out Carolyn Quinn. She presents the Today programme; why can’t they make her an egg cup?

Ad guru resigns, blames bloggers not the message

A certain irony in a very famous advertising person calling women “crap” and blaming the blogging medium for his demise. Nancy Vonk seems to have lit the blue touch paper.

From nowhere

What on earth has gone on in Birmingham? The eruption of violence last night is shocking. I’ve talked to my colleague Khalid Mahmood MP who has spent the day talking to police, councillors, community and faith groups to calm the situation down. I hope they are all successful.