What do you think of it so far?

Good speech from Gordon yesterday, good one from Tony today. What did you think of what they had to say? Here’s another piccie from the collection too.

2 thoughts on “What do you think of it so far?”

  1. Hi Tom,

    Not seen much of the party conference, but I did see Tony on BBC Breakfast TV this morning and I found his comments, and humility regarding Mr. Wolfgang, very honest and frank. Which is good seeing as it was such a huge mistake by over zealous security.

    On that issue, if you see Austin Mitchell MP today, can you say that I can un-delete his pictures for him, so long as he doesn’t continue to use the same memory card I have the ability to extract the photos he took. Contact me through the email address.

    Enjoy Brighton and go to vegetarian resturant Terre à Terre (+44 (1273) 729051) at 71 East Street. It’s mint.


  2. Not exactely on the point I know but couldn’t resist commenting on the goings on at the (Brave) New Labour Conference.
    The Police abusing their new shiny powers? People being held illegally (morally speaking) under half baked terrorism legislation? The government quashing dissent? In Blair’s Britain? Well who would have thought that could happen!

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