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Regular readers might know that I have been impressed with a site called money saving expert. Martin Lewis, who runs it, has created a community of consumers who challenge big corporates into offering better value to you and me. Did you know for example that all those 0870 numbers we have to call only to be left on hold for ages, generate a fortune for the companies that provide them? Anyway, there’s a web site dedicated to consumers who say enough is enough – say no to 0870. It provides alternative numbers and ways to get around paying the inflated prices these companies charge. Ironically, the site it partly funded by Google adwords that you guessed it, throw up a rather large number of ads for companies with 0870 numbers! Have a look at how site users are using the Freedom of Information Act to make their point.

7 thoughts on “Say no to 0870”

  1. I used saynoto0870 successfully today after I got fed up of hanging on the 0870 number for a big multinational corp.

  2. Where is website say no to 0870 gone???Someone should start up say bye to 0845!Would appreciate feedback.

  3. For those of you who cannot find Say no to 0870, just type No 0870 in the search engine and save it to yout favourites.

    Also why does the government not publish the geographical numbers next to their 0845 and 0870 numbers which cost fortunes to dial from non BT Subscriber Phones. DVLA, DWP and Companies House to name but a few. These are Government Tax Payer financed srevices, why should we pay premiu rates to contact them?

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