Say no to 0870

Regular readers might know that I have been impressed with a site called money saving expert. Martin Lewis, who runs it, has created a community of consumers who challenge big corporates into offering better value to you and me. Did you know for example that all those 0870 numbers we have to call only to be left on hold for ages, generate a fortune for the companies that provide them? Anyway, there’s a web site dedicated to consumers who say enough is enough – say no to 0870. It provides alternative numbers and ways to get around paying the inflated prices these companies charge. Ironically, the site it partly funded by Google adwords that you guessed it, throw up a rather large number of ads for companies with 0870 numbers! Have a look at how site users are using the Freedom of Information Act to make their point.

Politics is show business for ugly people

That was the quote wasn’t it? Anyway, just to show that a; we’re in touch with the zeitgeist b; we are really very with it and c; we can poke fun at ourselves, a group of my friends (and our foe for that matter) have formed a group. They are truly awful. Still, I’m their unofficial PR man so I would like you to spend 99p to help Save the Children by downloading their track. Friends, join the legal download revolution. Support Save the Children. I give you MP4 and their house music web site.

Unsolicited visits

We’ve had over 1200 comments and a good 100 trackback pings from every snakeoil salesman on the Interweb this weekend. Apologies if I accidentally deleted a comment of yours in the wash up. I don’t think I did but maybe that’s where all the supporters of national id cards have ended up 😉

Have a nice week all.

We are not afraid

The last seven days, perhaps more than any I can remember, really does prove the addage that a week is a long time in politics. I’m stll absorbing the events of a week that started with Live8 through the euphoria of the olympic bid, the shock of the London bombs and now the decisions of the G8.

Clearly, the blogosphere is taking it all in as well. Still, I admire the tenacity of this site and the speed at which the designers got it up and running. We’re not afraid.