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Blog readers poll – ID cards

Yes or No to ID cards? No essays please. A yes or no and your justification in no more than 30 words will suffice.

Regulation of Financial Services (Land Transactions) Bill

Back at work for sure. We’re really motoring this week. Second reading of the Regualtion of Financial Services (Land Transactions) Bill is on Thursday. It provides greater protection for those people who sell a stake in their home in return for a lump sum.

Finance Bill

This week, I feel like I’m really, really back at work instead of just pretending. The Finance Bill goes into committee, so for the next two weeks on a Tuesday and Thursday you can find me with another 23 hardy souls, delving into the detail of our Country’s economic levers.

Fathers day

Happy fathers day. Junior gave me a Toblerone and a card. Like I’ve already said a hundred times, he’s very advanced for his age….