From here to paternity


Malachy George Watson, a beautiful nine pounds seven ounces baby boy was born late on Thursday night.

Fellow parenting bloggers you were right – life just got a lot busier. Mrs W. and I have got our hands full as he’s a powerful little rascal.

I’m taking a little paternity leave so might not post too much in the next week or so. Best wishes one and all.

27 thoughts on “From here to paternity”

  1. Nine Pounds Seven Ounces???

    That’s the kind of weight that makes women wince on hearing it in much the same way that men wince and make a protective movement on seeing some poor sod get whacked in the nether regions on you’ve been framed.

    Congratulations, anyway.

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  3. Congratulations to you and the Mrs!

    Quite a year – the Baggies stay up, a third term Labour government and a new addition to the Watson household – things really have got better.

  4. Congratulations and welcome to the rest of your life!

    Take time to take the photographs and (if you can) the home movies. They are always something to smile about.

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  6. He’s a West Bromwich lad is Malachy,
    He’ll have a Black Cuntree ascent yo wait un see.
    His Mom with Yorkshire and Dad real posh,
    but just like father he loves his nosh.
    Nine pounds un a bit a really big lad,
    I have been told “he’s just like his Dad”.
    When father is PM or Chancellor Tom,
    its still the Black Cuntree that he’s cumin from.
    So um telin yo this fur wot its werth,
    Black Country folk are the salt of the earth.
    So welcum to little un an let’s have a feast
    for the new labour recruit for West Bromwich East.

  7. Tom, congrats to yourself, Siobhan and Malachy. 9lbs 7oz made my better half wince, but at least the ranks of Labour supporters should grow a bit.

  8. Fantastic – Congratulations…..

    Can you hear the lilt of an Irish tenor in the songs young Malachy is singing? Oh well, never mind.

    Love to you all

    Maggie M.

  9. Congratulations to all concerned, and a long and happy life for young Malachy.



  10. Congrats!

    I don’t know, talk of such big babies being born make me wince as a bloke.

    Anyway, best wishes and hope all are well.

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