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Drinking liberally

Before I was a responsible dad, I would have said, why can’t we have this sort of political movement over here? Obviously I’m against it now.

Malachy George Watson


Mrs Watson has, rightly, decided that Malachy is gonna live his life in private. So, there were no local newspaper photos and she’s forbidden me from printing his piccie on the blog. I’m SO proud of him though, I figured one sneaky little pitcure won’t do any harm will it? Just so that I can show him off to you.

From here to paternity


Malachy George Watson, a beautiful nine pounds seven ounces baby boy was born late on Thursday night.

Fellow parenting bloggers you were right – life just got a lot busier. Mrs W. and I have got our hands full as he’s a powerful little rascal.

I’m taking a little paternity leave so might not post too much in the next week or so. Best wishes one and all.

Free plug to a Conservative member

Here’s another competition. To win a free copy of Boris Johnson’s book – you know you want to. The answer is of course, The Spectator.