Ed Matts nostalgia tour

Remember Ed Matts? He’s the Tory candidate running against Jim Knight in Dorset South. He’s done a Letwin and has been missing in action since his unfortunate difficulty. How he must hark back to a bygone age. An age when a nostalgia tour wasn’t a metaphor for your political career. How he must wish that he had kept to the policy he adhered to in 2000. The one where he thought asylum seekers in the vicinity would lead to aggressive begging. Those were the days. The days when you could complain about your opponents using photographs without permission.

4 thoughts on “Ed Matts nostalgia tour”

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  2. How is Tom going to meet him in the canteen? Is this because Tory paranoia is so great you now think there is a secret Maoist plot (to go with the Little Red Book manifesto, natch) at the heart of new Labour to re-educate Tories in such proletarian tasks as cooking dinner once the red flag has again been hoisted above the PoW?
    Can’t be because you think this fool is going to win the seat, can it?
    Wish I’d put money on Jim Knight to hold it, would have got good odds and Jim is a good enough campaigner to do the job even if the Tory candidate wasn’t a dishonest bufoon.

  3. It seems to me that Jim might well be on the brink of doing a political ‘ back from the dead’ stunt to rival any in living memory. I wonder how his odds have shifted at the local bookiews this week?#

    Over to Mike Smithson …

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