Think week

Wouldn’t you like a job where you can have two weeks a year to just think. Think, eat clam chowder, sit by the lake and drink pop.

7 thoughts on “Think week”

  1. Not if it turns you into a figure of hate in the IT commmunity. Having said that, I beleive that the salary is quite good….

    Although I’d love to read the unread paper entitled “10 Crazy Ideas to Shake Up Microsoft.”

  2. Given that you are so fond of blogging, how come you spend over 10 grand of tax payers money on stationery and postage, making you the 45th most expensive MP in these categories

  3. Have you seen the workload he gets through though? Then again maybe that’s just what he tells Melissa and the kids (and all at M$). You’re right, I bet he’s sitting by the lake with a can of pop and and a fishing rod. I wish I was!

  4. 45th? that’s rubbish – must try harder Tom, this time next year I want you in the top 20!

    can you lend me some copier paper?

  5. Bryan, given the fact you have noticed the details of Tom`s spending you should also be aware that his constituency is one of the most deprived areas of the country. It would be only correct that he is spending this kind of money helping his constituents. Many would argue that being 45th was not sufficient given the problems we face in WB East. So give him a break.

  6. Because the office expenses claimed by an MP are directly related to the amount of work they are doing to help their constituents it stands to reason that the highest spenders are the best at their job.

    Indeed I seriously question why some MPs spend so little of the office staff allowance. The more staff you have, and the more qualified/experienced they are, the more you can do to help the most vulnerable and needy constituents. BTW Tom passes this test!

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