Vote Liberal Democrat – Get the Tories

I’ve been saying it for months now. I’ve said it to Tim as well. You’re taking a big risk of getting the Tories if you want to arrange a protest vote campaign. That’s exactly what Lynton Crosby did with John Howard and it got him elected. If you don’t believe me when I say that if you vote Lib Dem you get the Conservatives, believe the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Charles Kennedy himself (jpeg file) rel=”tag”>politics

Golden years

I don’t think I’ve ever shared my guilty secret with you. Last week I was exposed as having an indirect influence on the rock industry career of Neil Codling of Suede. We used to share a house whilst at college in Hull. It would be churlish to mention any more about the man other than to say that to my knowledge, he never once did the dishes. Rock ‘n’ roll.


Flippin ‘eck. Just got back from a day long NCT class. Richard Dawkins would be proud of me. I now know that breast fed kids have higher IQs than their puny counterparts who take the bottle (only a joke). Seriously, the day was great, albeit terrifying. Not long to go now. No pressure….

Inside the news room

The Observer has a blog. I like it. A bit looser than the “proper” paper, it gives an insight into the decisions that are taken over content. Nick Cohen opens up with “so this is a blog” and admits to starting out in the blogoshere with Harrys Place (respect). Kamal Ahmed, champion of quality school dinners, buys the chips.

I suspect that Kamal and Nick do not realise just how right-on the podcast from Rafael Behr is but that is cutting edge as the people at odeo will show this week.