20 thoughts on “Can you help me?”

  1. Already voted personally, but you can always count me in for a bit of porcine aviation when it comes to the Tories.

  2. 1. dangerous tack to take as some of the electorate might actually believe he can do this and therefore vote for him

    2. unoriginal

    3. best of a bad bunch. the superimposed heads (apparently!) resemble those photos that you often find on some of the less reputable internet sites and Red Top newspapers (so I’ve been reliably informed).

  3. I’d go for #3.

    The pigs one looks like a bad photoshop, and I don’t like something about the first one.

  4. Excellent idea, asking people to vote. I thought “Pigs might fly” was a good bet bearing in mind the Leadership promise on policy making made to the 1997 conference. Remember how all that compositing was an Old Labour way. So we were offered a New Labour option Partnership in Power. Now it seems the Leadership does not like the votes of Labour Party members through Partnership in Power and wants to continue to make up policy on the hoof. Good luck in the Whips Office.

  5. or perhaps something explaining why the Government’s £20billion cuts to public services aren’t dangerous, unrealistic or misleading?

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  7. Wasn’t keen on the sums don’t add up… it seems to suggest something about our education standards. I think I would vote for the flying pigs and I suspect most people wouldn’t know what a ‘bad photoshop’ was. Peter is spot on about the policy process… as ever!

  8. I have a feeling that this sort of poster goes totally un-noticed unless the design is something absolutely spectacularly brilliant that just happens to catch the mood of the moment. I don’t think that these three get anywhere near that league.

  9. The first one. Fits in well with the ‘something of the night’ reputation, something Labour would do well do play up.

  10. Or maybe something explaining which taxes you intend to raise to cover the shortfall in the Government’s figures. Perhaps you could have another vote.
    Do you prefer:
    a) 2p increase in the basic rate of income tax
    b) another increase in National Insurance contributions
    c) capital gains tax on main homes

  11. 3. Sums don’t add up

    It’s the best of the three, but still boring. Also, the graphics could be better.

    How about Howard in a chef’s hat, ‘cooking the books’ or making number soup and picking numbers out at random?

  12. The hypnotist poster made me laugh out loud. Very Funny.
    MH looks riddiculous.

    Vote for that one Tom, the other two are boring.

  13. Unfortuantely, all of these posters rely on people knowing who Michael Howard and Oliver Letwin are.
    Incidentally I voted for 1, it’s the one that most obviously says Michael Howard and the Tories are stupid and liars. A good message to have.

  14. Every time I see the party’s current posters I read them as “Lowest honesty rates for 40 years”, “Lowest personal liberty since the 60s” and “Longest period of chicanery for 200 years”

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