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You couldn’t make it up

Tories are accused of playing the race card. Surely it should read playing our race card? (thanks to Bob for the link).

Damn your principles! Stick to your party!

Wanna win a hundred quid for writing an essay that would get up a whips’ nose? Visit Revolts.co.uk

Can you help me?

If I was to have a say, albeit minor, in deciding what poster the Labour Party should use to respond to the £35 billion cuts to our public services that is planned by Michael Howard, what should I go for? Let me know and I will cast my vote in favour of the forgotten majority who visit this site 😉

1. Dangerous Hypnotist
2. Pigs might fly
3. Sums don’t add up

Blogging the Assembly for Wales

Please welcome Leighton Andrews, the newest AM on the interweb.