Back at last

Greetings all. Life has taken an unexpected turn for the better in the last few weeks. No, this has nothing to do with the new job, although of course, that is wonderful. Lots going on with the family which I’ll tell you about soon.

I’m on the committee of the Civil Partnerships Bill too. Last week we had 50 votes, which is unheard of in committee. Anyway, more soon. Well, hopefully soon.

More on Afghan elections

I sent my friend in Kabul the link to a Jonathan Steele article in the Guardian. Mr Steele argues that the last thing Afghanistan needs is an election.

My friend wrote back a lively critique of the article. These are the bits that are publishable:

“We have seen lines around blocks today as men and women have wanted to chose their leaders. This is the first time they have ever done this.

They want their leaders to be given a mandate to do things – in this case bring peace and prosperity to Afghanistan.”

He says that he thinks that turnout will be huge. Assuming these are not people voting early and often, it refutes Jonathan Steele’s arguments.