Beside the seaside, beside the sea

Greetings from storm tossed Cornwall rather than sun drenched Athens. We’re down here visiting the lovely Ellen (see previous posts) and her mum and dad, Meg and Will. We had the luckiest of escapes this week. We were due to visit Boscastle. I fancied a pub lunch in the Cobweb, a wonderful pub that I haven’t been in for nearly 20 years. I couldn’t help remembering a holiday visit to a book shop/gift shop in the village. The man in the shop was selling signed copies of books by an author called Howard Jacobson. “Is he any good? ” I asked the shop owner. “Excellent, one of the best writers I have ever read” said he. Years later I realised the bloke selling me the book was none other than the author himself. I wonder if he still owns the shop? Poor man. More later in the week.