No matter where I roam

Settled then. We’re off to the spot (many thanks to Andrew for telling me where it is). This is a once in a by-election offer. Campaign workers from all political parties put down you posters and leaflets, switch off your phones, turn off the print presses. Tonight only, let’s meet. Let’s talk about the good old days. The days when Paul Weller was good and you could still buy fish tail parkas in Millets for less than twenty quid. Why, I’ll even buy the first drinks.

Life is good

This is a great holiday. The sun is shining. The campaign centre is up and running. There are 30 thirsty volunteers looking for a night out in Hartlepool. Anyone know any good places?

The spat that took place on this site during the Hodge Hill by-election was fun. I suspect though, that people were getting bored by the end of it. So I make an offer to the hardy Liberal Democrats who were fiercely posting comments, in particular, Daniel Brett and Sonofglyndwar. I promise not to mention your candidate in any way if you promise to calm the commenting. Only a suggestion. Remember though, that my platform is bigger than yours. Have a good weekend.