If a Liberal Democrat is reading this site will they have the guts to admit that they voted against the Anti-social Behaviour Bill?

Here’s what Simon Hughes said in the House when explaining why the Liberal Democrats intended to oppose the Anti-Social Behaviour Bill:

[we should] Â?stick up for peopleÂ?s rights to behave normally, as they choose and with their own freedom of expression, even if sometimes their presence causes other people some distress or alarm.Â?

The Act allows:

– new powers for the police to disperse gangs
– new powers to confiscate air weapons
– restrictions on the sale of spray paints to teenagers
– a roll-out of on the spot fines
– the right to allow authorities to close crack houses within 48 hours and to keep them boarded up for up to six months

…..and more.

So why don’t the Lib Dems come clean and admit that they are soft on yobs and tough on Birmingham?

Heat in Hodge Hill

Maybe I should stir up a debate more often, if only to wind up lib dems in the heat of a by-election. Its been a busy week. Tomorrow I will be hiring the services of a man in a deer stalker with a pack of hounds to track down the whereabouts of phone mast lib dem, Nokia Davies. She’s been taking the invisble pills for the last few days. Still, when the Tories launch their five point plan for phone masts tomorrow, she might be forced out of hiding.

My point of course, was that the Lib Dems have a policy of removing custodial sentences for anyone caught in possession of Class ‘A’ drugs. The link between aqusitive crime and crack and heroin addiction is proven. So in effect they are removing a tool of law enforcement from the police. Chaotic drug users do crime. Fact. Sometimes they have to go to jail for the good of their community. If you have ever had a distraught mother begging you to get the police to jail her child for his own good visit your surgery, you would realise that the Lib Dem policy is at best naive at worst craven ignorance.

What is worse is that they just won’t own up to it. Come clean for once. Admit that you have this policy and try and justify it.

Lib dem dirty tricks

I know the Lib Dems will say anything and do anything in an election, but to hog the comments section of a weblog to undermine a campaign is a fresh low. Still, I suppose I should get used to Lib Dem dirty tricks for the next few weeks. They should stick to the issues – like why they don’t want crack heads and junkies to go to jail.