John Hemming – Leader of Birmingham Liberal Democrats

John Hemming who leads the Birmingham Lib Dems sails close to the wind. Too close in my view. Birmingham Liberal Democrat leaflets are about as low as they go as I have said before on this site. The site dedicated to the Liberal Democrats points to an article where another elected representative threatens to sue them. Surely it is time for John Hemming, their leader, to put a stop to this kind of stuff. He wants to be a Member of Parliament. Time for him to grow up.

Sandwell Lib Dems look tame in comparison to the antics of Mr Hemming. In their latest leaflet they imply that the local hospital is under threat of closure. Nothing too drastic then. Its a fiction of course.

A proper thank you

I never really got chance to thank everyone who took time to question where the site went last week. Actually, I still don’t know what happened which is one reason why I’m hoping to move server very shortly. That should also iron out all the little foibles on this site. Anyway, thanks to everyone that posted and emailed. I appreciate it.